Your 2016 Complete Guide to Password Security

Password Security is More Important than Ever

Hacking is not an exaggeration. It’s become a major enterprise with billions of dollars stolen from financial institutions. Also, companies are hacked for proprietary information which thieves will sell to competitors. The media mentions all of the major hacking instances but many small and medium-sized businesses are at risk. Your business may be in danger. The material you rely on to be competitive can be stolen with a finger tap on a keyboard, causing all of your efforts to go down the drain. Password security is a primary means of protecting your records. Here’s what you need to know about password security in 2016.

Weak Passwords Lead to Trouble

It does not take much effort for a hacker to figure out a weak password. A strong password, one that is going to deflect the efforts of the thief, should include the following:

  • Lower case letters;
  • Upper case letters;
  • Numbers;
  • Characters (%.@,#, etc.).

Don’t Make It Easy for a Hacker

Using your personal name or that of your company makes it almost too simple for a hacker. It is best not to use something that is familiar. Multifactor authentication is a novel approach which is gaining traction this year. A device that is placed on a keychain will generate a number that disappears within a minute. A user then must use the number and password to log in. Biometric identification, the use of a fingerprint, for example, is also starting to be employed.

Keep the Password Secure

Just as passwords offer security for all of your data, you have to ensure the safety of your passwords. The last thing that you want is to have your passwords on a piece of paper next to your PC. That is an invitation for someone else to steal it. You cannot assume that every employee is loyal; some look for an opportunity that includes selling passwords. Sharing your password is risky business. If you must do this, always share with a trusted or authorized person. Never share passwords or by email, since these message mediums are vulnerable to hacking.

Think About Using a Password Manager

A small business may require dealing with a lot of clients. It may result in you having several passwords with one for each customer. Password management is a service where you can store all the various passwords, and you may want to consider having this. Be sure that the primary password, one that allows you access to the password manager, is strong and you do not forget it.

Have A Security Assessment Performed

How secure is your data right now? You may think you have no problem, but you might be very wrong. Hacking technology is always improving, and the security system you have in place may be deficient. Enstep Technology Solutions has been helping Houston small and medium-sized business maintain the security of their data and proprietary information. A security assessment can easily be conducted to determine the level of password security you currently have. We can provide assistance in upgrading passwords and building a wall around your valuable material. It is very easy to get in contact with us and schedule a review.

One final note to ponder. You should be changing passwords on a regular basis. We can also help you set up a schedule and offer ideas on what type of passwords are rock solid against the efforts of cyber felons.