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The Vote on Net Neutrality

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This Week: The Vote on Net Neutrality Today the FCC is voting to reclassify broadband internet as a Title II telecommunications service that will fall under the 1934 Communications Act. What does this mean?  Well, it means that there will be equal access to broadband space for everyone, regardless of how big they are or […]

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Artificial Intelligence: Best Thing Ever or Potential Threat?

Artificial Intelligence: Best Thing Ever or Potential Threat?

AI Technology The science fiction industry has been posing the question for decades: what happens when our technology can think for itself? Does it make everything easier, or is it something that could be dangerous?  According to CNET, some of the greatest minds in the science and technology fields, like Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates, and […]

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We Are Thankful For You

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During this beautiful season of reflection, gratitude, and giving, all of us at Enstep Technology Solutions want to express how thankful we are for you – our clients, business partners, and community members. We truly appreciate your support and confidence in us. For allowing us the opportunity to be your technology business partner and IT […]

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Surface Pro’s important specs


The Microsoft Surface RT released back at the end of October last year, garnered some fairly negative reviews, creating a slight worry that the more powerful version, Windows Surface Pro, would also be a machine to pass over. Now the Windows Surface Pro has been released many business owners are wondering if it will meet […]

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Deleted the recycle bin? Get it back


Microsoft Windows is the most popular OS among business users. This has been an undisputed fact for more than a decade. While the Windows platform is solid, it’s not perfect. This is the nature of the beast and to IT professionals, these imperfections are called bugs or glitches. To the layman, they are viewed as […]

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Windows 8′s useful keyboard shortcuts


Windows 8 has been out for almost two months. Retail sales and reviews both look pretty good. While it will be some time before companies will be using Windows 8 as their main operating system, there will come a time when they do. Early adopters are already upgrading and finding a wealth of new features. […]

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Want to customize Windows 8?


Windows 8 is out, and with it comes a prettied up User Interface (UI) that is geared towards tablet and touchscreen device users. One thing that is de rigueur for all operating systems is the ability to customize it to meet your needs and preferences. As Windows 8 is a bit of a departure from […]

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What do I need to run Windows 8?


Windows 8 is out and there’s been a bunch of news and reviews. As with most all technical products there are a ton of different opinions on whether it’s any good or not. Windows 8 does bring some big changes and will appeal to offices looking to upgrade. However, if you are planning to upgrade […]

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Windows 8’s new aspects intrigue


Microsoft is boring. Many products, while useful, just lack the visual appeal users have come to expect from tech companies, especially when it comes to the OS and programs. Most programs and recent OSs have been utilitarian, and great for productivity but not much else. Microsoft has listened to demands and recently released Windows 8, […]

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5 Facebook facts that benefit your biz


Social media, once the domain of tweens, teens and college students has expanded to encompass nearly all aspects of life. You have grandmas sharing YouTube videos of their grandchildren’s first birthdays, businesses sharing their latest research or even conducting their whole marketing campaign online. This phenomenon is commonly labeled as social media, or as many […]

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