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CartoDB: Combining Data with Location

Global network mesh. Social communications background. Earth map

CartoDB has expanded its reach.  The company, established in 2011 by two Spanish biodiversity and conservation scientists, was originally designed for map makers and data scientists, but now it is helping other industries visualize their data in map form.  As of July 21st, CartoDB has a new feature that will analyze any data that is […]

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Apple/IBM Partnership: One Year In

Win Win Strategy

At first it seemed like a rather unlikely partnership: the consumer-driven, flashy, fashion-forward Apple and the business-oriented, enterprising, and buttoned-down IBM.  The companies make possibly the ultimate ‘odd couple’ in the tech industry.  But one year and the release of 42 applications later, it seems to be working, giving both companies what they were looking […]

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Does Your Business Need a CDO?

CDO data

As businesses rely more and more heavily on data and analytics, questions start to arise: does the business need to hire a Chief Data Officer (CDO)?  If so, when?  What purpose will this person serve? A CDO is a person who helps a business transform into a data-driven enterprise.  The ideal CDO has a good […]

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Apple and E-Books: The Conspiracy


The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that Apple did conspire with five major book publishers to fix prices and establish itself in the e-book industry, and that it also actively hurt competitors such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble in the process.  The judges stated that the company violated antitrust laws by […]

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The Future of the Internet

Best Internet Concept of global business from concepts series.El

It started most visibly with Siri.  Now, according to TechCrunch, Uber is participating.  It is now possible to summon an Uber ride without ever opening the Uber app itself, but rather accessing it from other applications using Uber’s Request application program interface (API).  This model of service is an example of the “programmable web.”  It […]

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LastPass Hacked

LastPass Hacked

If you have a password management account with LastPass, you may want to change your master password.  The company says that it found and blocked suspicious activity from a security breach on Friday in an announcement given on Monday.  According to the company, the hackers did access users’ email addresses and other information, but were […]

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Bill Gates’ Definition of Human

Personal Development Career

The Big History Project is a joint effort by scientists, scholars, teachers, and others to bring a multi-disciplinary approach to history, examining it as a whole rather than as an isolated subject separate from others.  It is primarily aimed at high school students, but is accessible to anyone looking to better understand the history of […]

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The Meteoric Rise of Snapchat


Snapchat, the app that allows users to post pictures and videos that self-destruct after a set time, has just joined the ranks of the most valuable venture-backed startups behind Uber and Xiaomi.  The four-year-old company’s value is now estimated at $16 billion, according to a report by CNBC. Messaging services have become some of the […]

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Facebook Still Dominates in the U.S.

Facebook Still Dominates in the U.S.

U.S. Mobile Users Show Facebook and Instagram Their Love In other parts of the world, messaging apps are all the rage, but in the United States, things are a little different, according to a 2015 study conducted by App Annie. This study looked at five key app markets around the world, which included the U.S., […]

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News About Amazon’s Whispercast

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Amazon’s Whispercast Expands Its Reach To More School Districts And Universities Part of our job as your technology partner is to keep you informed on what’s happening in tech land. Today we want to discuss a service that is offered to schools around the country. Whispercast, an offering started by Amazon in 2012, is a free […]

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