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Here at Enstep Technology Solutions, we like to keep our customers, community, and team members informed on news throughout the technology world. We especially like to focus on interesting, fun, and educational items. Microsoft News - Along with a new version of its Windows operating system, Microsoft is expected to announce a new browser next week. Their […]

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News from the Technology World

Technology News On Apple Ipad Air

There’s been a lot of interesting news out in the technology world lately and we want to share some of it with you. Most of you don’t have time to surf the net each day and read all the technology blogs and articles out there. So it’s our job at Enstep Technology Solutions to break […]

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Windows Released Their November Update


November Update Has Been Released With Several New Features Three updates were scheduled for Windows 8.1 this year. The plan was each update would introduce new features to the operating system, preparing for Windows Threshold. Windows 8.1 Update 1 provided a large amount of updates, but Update 2 fell short of Microsoft’s promise. Update 2 […]

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Heard about BYOD to Work?


Is your staff bringing their own devices and gadgets to the workplace? There are pros and cons that you need to know before you decide to adopt this practice for your business. You may have noticed more and more of your employees or colleagues bringing their own computing devices to work—be it their mobile phone, […]

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Boost Productivity With these 4 Free Tools


Did you know that there are many free tools available on the web that can increase your productivity? Especially beneficial to small companies who can always use the savings, these free applications and software, if used correctly, can both increase productivity and help maximize the resources they have at hand. It is a constant challenge […]

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Hard Drive Prices Rising


While the massive flooding in Thailand ravaged hundreds of thousands worth of property and infrastructure, it also has had an adverse effect on worldwide hard drive production. Since the majority of the world’s hard drive factories are located in Thailand, hard drives will be in short supply in the coming months. In the same way […]

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Managing In-house Social Networks


The effect of social networks on the way companies approach their business is undeniable. Some even go a step further, creating their own internal social networks to help enhance communications within their own organizations. However, for it to function best, the proper policies that govern its use should be developed. With the waves created by […]

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The 25 Worst Passwords, Ever


Passwords are an integral part of securing both IT systems and online accounts. In order to keep your system and information safe, it is important to take the time to create strong passwords that hackers and online thieves won’t easily figure out. If you think using ‘password’ as your password is no big deal, then […]

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Trend Micro Helps Bust 4 Million Bots


A massive network of bots – an estimated at least four million of them – was taken down in a raid recently. Completed with the cooperation of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), authorities in Estonia, as well as security firm Trend Micro, this bust is the biggest cybercriminal arrest in history. Four […]

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Balancing Freedom and Security


Security experts are predicting a rise in the use of personal gadgets to access company data – which means that you will have less control over what kind of data goes in and out of your IT system. The best way to rectify this is by having a concrete and comprehensive IT policy that secures […]

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